Transcatheter mitral valve repair (TMVR)--MitraGen

MitraGen is developing a unique and compelling transcatheter mitral valve repair (TMVR) technology that has been validated in published pre-clinical studies. MitraGen’s technology and devices will allow the interventional cardiologist to remodel a dilated mitral valve annulus, in a conventional cardiac cath lab procedure, improving leaflet coaptation and reducing mitral regurgitation.

Key to MitraGen’s technology and clinical approach are:

Femoral vein access and conventional septal crossing, consistent with other interventional procedures.

  • Steerable therapy delivery device is passed into the left atrium and positioned on the posterior annulus using TEE and Fluoroscopy guidance.
  • Thermal Remodeling of Collagen (TRC) is used to treat the mitral valve annulus from trigone to trigone, shrinking and remodeling the valve annulus naturally and permanently.
  • Collagen shrinkage and valve remodeling are immediate allowing confirmation of therapy effectiveness during the procedure.
  • When the procedure has been completed the therapy delivery device is removed


No hardware is left in the heart or vascular system